Thursday, September 22, 2011

text forbidding Friars from practicing magic/alchemy

De pascalis quotes from ch 113 of the 1279 edition of the Friars minors'
Constitutiones Generales Antique.
"Similarly, may the minister-general together with the general chapter
categorically forbid in the name of the Holy Spirit, any friar to practise or
teach the techniques of alchemy, necromancy, spellcasting, magic or any other
superstition or sorcery or operation pertaining to other questionable doctrines
and arts that are not carried out in the light of day or that are forbidden by
the Church, and in general any form of deceptive or loathsome activity such as
the summoning of demons or the casting of spells on people and things. May no
friar dare to possess, write, prepare for himself or for others, lend or give to
others, ask for or receive in any way books or writings on such things...."

source is Jon Marshall's alchemy forum post archived here.

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