Sunday, September 15, 2013

A new interview with me about my work on Philip K. Dick

Occult Sentinel - Ted Hand - PKD and the Western Esoteric Tradition

Podcast Outline

Here are some tentative titles I brainstormed for a podcast miniseries to review my research.

Spiritual Alchemy and Science Podcast (main theme[s] in parentheses)

#1 historiographical problem (hard truth: not an esoteric meditation)

#2 spiritual alchemy or spiritual alchemies (good news: many ways to learn from religious aspects)

#3 do secular alchemy studies downplay religious aspects? (scope choices don't necessarily mean marginalizing)

#4 intro 16th-17th century flowering of spiritual alchemy (armchair metaphor vs. lab practice as meditation)

#5 Khunrath, Maier, and Fludd (visual treatments turning alchemy into a religion?)

#6 Alchemical Transmutations of Christian Cabala (when Alchemy met Renaissance magic...)