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Alchemical and Esoteric tweets -- Neoplatonism, Magic, Visionary+Religious Studies

Alchemy in contemporary art By Urszula

Paracelsus' Alchemy in Hermaphrodites in
Renaissance Europe By Kathleen P. Long

Hauck on alchemical monsters/poisons etc. as depictions of the

Frankenstein's Alchemy The monsters: Mary
Shelley & the curse of Frankenstein

"Alchemy was (and remains today) a perfect metaphor for talking about
the operations of the transforming imagination."

"The Book of Nature is Riddled with Typos."
science+alchemy in On Monsters: An Unnatural History of Our Worst Fears

too many video games clogging my alchemy searches. not that I
wouldn't love it if they were actually about alchemy.
RT @DailyGrail: RT @erik_davis: Kabbalah, trance, and shamanism:
Expanding Mind talk with scholar of Kabbalist mysticism Jonathan Garb: ...

another Google Translate of Giordano Bruno's De Magia Mathematica

I am the very model of a modern esotericist a
classic of net esoterica

RT @SemperAugustus: Video blog post, reading of Coleridge's The Rime
of the Anycent Marinere:

"Salomon’s House in Bacon’s New Atlantis: an imagined central
point where world knowledge is brought in by travellers+digested by

The Early Modern Commons EMC is an aggregator
for blogs covering the period c.1500-1800.

early modern intelligencing blog

Elizabeth Alkin was a spy for the earl of Essex, notorious for
efforts to disrupt the underground royalist press/1640's

Magical Practice in the Latin West papers from a
2005 conference at the University of Zaragoza

Iconology -- Neoplatonism and Art in the Renaissance conference this week Sept 15-17

Disreputable Bodies: Magic, Medicine, and Gender in Renaissance
Natural Philosophy. Renaissance Quarterly Vol. 64, No. 2 (Summer 2011

Walter Stephens professor bio (author of Demon Lovers and other
useful Renaissance/magic/witchcraft research)

Alchemy for English Learners! study passage from
a TOEFL test prep book

"Most... early alchemists were artisans...keeping trade secrets+often
resorted to cryptic terminology to record the progress of their work."
Astrology and the Body 1100-1800 conference from

Magic and the Binary Code: Renaissance Christian Kabbalah and
Buckminster Fuller's Tensegrity Structures

#Alchemy in Pamela Smith, The Body of the Artisan

@17beowulf yet it doesn't seem to be discussed in such detail in any
of these art of memory texts

RT @17beowulf: @t3dy No, it doesn't. A meditative state or something
like it is needed, Bruno's "heroic enthusiasms" notwithstanding.

@17beowulf I'll have to keep this in mind as I work on my "magical
latin" book--incantatory consciousness as language learning method

t3dy: @kimcascone Magee's book "Hegel and the Hermetic Tradition"
Van den Berg: "As manifestations of the Good within the realm of
Being, they direct the human soul towards the Good."

"the Henads are Gods; monads, however, are of a lower rank, are not
Gods, but merely divine: they are no more than ideas or hypostases..."

book cover for Arguing with Angels I'm glad to
see Egil in print, but I hadn't expected it to look quite like this...

Proclus: They used mixing b/c they saw that each unmixed thing
possesses some property of the god but is not enough to call that god

"Proclus sees individual entities at each level of being relating,
first, to the monad of their own realm, and then to what is above them"

"One can also see that stones inhale the influences of the
luminaries." -Proclus on the Priestly Art, Copenhaver trans.

"the form of the rational world, which individualizes numerically for
the senses the shadows of the Ideas" Magee on Hegel's Bruno

Pico della Mirandola drew about 100 of his "900 Conclusions" from
Proclus, which he translated into renaissance-friendly scholastic terms.

"by observing such things+connecting them to appropriate heavenly
beings, ancient wise men brought divine powers into the region of mortals"

"By analogy, then, understand the preparatory heating as like the

Magee: Hegel states that [Bruno's] philosophy "is on the whole
certainly Spinozism, pantheism... one can see how deeply he penetrated."

"With Proclus in the same way [as with Giordano Bruno] the
understanding, as substantial, is that which includes all things in its

"Hegel compares Bruno with Proclus..." Hegel and
the Hermetic Tradition, Glenn Magee

Proclus: we give a twofold division to the causes of the order of the
world,+we admit one of the causes to be monadic, but the other triadic

Siorvanes: Proclus, following Jam...fully subscribed to the
mathematical view of nature...also inherited Aristotle's penetrating

"an essentially hypercosmic god in an encosmic environment" ibid

for Proclus the existence of an imparticipable monad of Nature is
beyond dispute Proclus on nature

Ammonius vs. Proclus on monad in Sorabji,
Aristotle Transformed

Sheppard: way Proclus correlates monads w/other elements of Plato's
doctrines from other dialogues typical of Neoplatonist systematisation.

"each monad is the leader of an intellectual hebdomad conjoined with
it,, and extends this hebdomad from on high" Proclus Plat.Theol(Taylor)

Siorvanes: for Proclus, monads are undivided wholes: they contain
parts, they are not pure unities...principles relative to a class-property

@Demon_Writer I was totally lost trying to understand Renaissance
Magic until I read Proclus. Absolutely fundamental.

RT @LogoiMC: Every infinite which is in true beings is neither
infinite to superior natures, nor is it infinite to itself. - Proclus #fb
RT @LogoiMC: There are more corporeal natures than souls, more souls
than intellectual natures, more intellects than divine unities. - P ...

the red pen is more magical than the sword RT
@Demon_Writer This is a very pretty example of an illuminated manuscript

t3dy: RT @davidbmetcalfe: H.P. Lovecraft as psychogeographer, New York City
1924-26 via @zacodin

RT @brainpicker: Devil's Drink – the origin myth of coffee, the
broth of Satan
"the crags, plants, + creatures in wild places were magical because
the whole earth was magical." -Ingrid Rowland on Ariosto/the Renaissance

"Epics, with their heroic memories, are necessarily composed in
changing times." -Ingrid Rowland

excerpt from Giordano Bruno on Momus

t3dy: another link on Reuchlin's influence on Scholem

t3dy: Kabbalah in Italy, 1280-1510: A Survey By Moshe Idel Alemanno chapter

Moshe Idel discusses the influence of Christian Kabbalist Johannes
Reuchlin on Gershom Scholem's concept of Kabbalah

"Cabala, which for Reuchlin was to perform a
spiritualizing+Christianizing function, was to perform for Scholem a
Hegelian one." P.Beitchman

The alchemical and kabbalistic correspondence of Walter Pagel and
Gershom Scholem

Moshe Idel: Molitor and Scholem on Heiroglyphics

Abulafia translation project looking for investors

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t3dy: Il significato della parola “magia”—-il-significato-della-parola-“magia”-ovvero-la-magia-come-tramite-e-come-follia/

"Quanto alla loro substantia, tutti sono immortali, non essendo altro
morte che divisione et congregatione..." -Giordano Bruno (in Firpo)

"In respect of substance, all bodies are immortal since death is but
separation and concretion." -Giordano Bruno

"The elementary particles in Plato's Timaeus are finally not
substances but mathematical forms." -Werner Heisenberg

RT @davidbmetcalfe: The Ninth Gate Problem

RT @davidbmetcalfe: A story about stories, about the search for the
language of the birds, the tongue of the Angels

ACADEMIC-STUDY-MAGIC Archives @renaissancemagi

RT @6__d: @t3dy "Giordano Bruno comes to mind, whoever he is. I think
they burned him." —Robert Ashley, "The Backyard"

"Magic is as Catholic as the Pope or the Friday fish fry."

t3dy: @TheButterflyMon what I mean is I read those disciplines as part of
my history of magic project. wish I had code skills to grok linguistics.

Alchemical Images from a Philosophy of Magic course 281b/Philosophy of Magic/Alchemical Images.htm

angelology definition and example sentences cute site

t3dy: What is #Hermeticism ? (from a contemporary religious order) @renaissancemagi

Pseudo-Denys (aka Dionysius) and Later Platonic Traditions #neoplatonism #medieval #philosophy @renaissancemagi

Reclaiming the Divine Tongue: The place of the book of Enoch in the
search for Angelic Languages

neoplatonic angelology post and replies cc

t3dy: RT @renaissancemagi: Zambelli on the Hermetic component in
Renaissance Magic

@renaissancemagi to prevent my posts on Alchemy and
Renaissance Magic from getting lost in the feed.

excerpt on Giordano Bruno and semantic fields
from the "Meaning and Cognition" article #linguistics #philosophy

European Society for the Study of Western Esotericism now on facebook

"The history and future of field semantics: From Giordano Bruno to
dynamic semantics" Wolfgang Wildgen in Meaning and Cognition

Anima Mundi: The Rise of the World Soul Theory in Modern German

"this distinction between manipulation and supplication is hard to
discern in many historical texts." #magic vs. #religion

wikipedia Grimoire articles needs more sources

Magic in the Middle Ages: A Preliminary Discussion

t3dy: media and magic (graduate course in media studies)

Magic, White and Black: The Renaissance Magician as the Master of
Occult Knowledge

ENGLISH 748b:Mercurius Americanus:Magic, Miracles, and Metaphors in
the Conquest of America, 1492-1700

The Music Magic of the Renaissance

Renaissance Angel Magic includes a photo of
Frances Yates

The Medici quest to unravel the magic of antiquity links to BBC radio program on Renaissance Magic
"Nauert examines the argument that doubt is inherent in magic through
its reliance on the irrational..."

The Magic Christian (March 3, 1966) Frances A. Yates reviews Nauert on #Agrippa

Giordano Bruno on Magic

Picatrix Resource for key text used in
Renaissance magic. Contains history, translations and examples.

"the charge of magic -- a charge with which it is easy to create a
prejudice against the accused, but which it is hard to prove." -Apuleius

Orpheus redivivus: The Musical Magic of Marsilio Ficino 281b/Philosophy of Magic/Arcana/Renaissance/fessay2.htm

Apuleis Apology (1909 translation) ancient magic,
middle platonism
"alchemical practitioners employed a range of strategies to win the
trust and support of powerful, even royal, patrons"

The Espiritu de Merlin, Renaissance magic, and the limitations of
being human in La casa de los celos. #Cervantes

White vs. Black Magic in the Renaissance, Dawn Spina relies heavily on Flint and Mebane

Philology and Classical Philology begins in the
early Renaissance with Petrarch (1304-74)
"this theatrical popularity also increased interest in a very
different concept of Renaissance magic."

course notes on "Renaissance Learned Magical Tradition" v tu.htm

Marlowe: Doctor Faustus and Magic undergraduate
essay on the occult Christopher Marlowe

Studies in Renaissance Grammar

“John Dee's Conversations with Spirits and Problems with Practical
Occultism” (Work in Progress)

Medieval Magic and Renaissance Mages Richard
Kiekhefer syllabus (+links to others on magic from the syllabus project)

Magic, Medicine and Science syllabus with pdf

"Renaissance magical tradition, with its glorification of Man as
Magus, seen as important in the pre-history of the scientific revolution."

Francis Bacon: From Magic to Science by Paolo Rossi review by Frances A. Yates

RT @KvStuckrad: Association for the Study of Esotericism 4th Int.
#CfP: #Esotericism, #Religion, and Culture, June 14-17, 2012. h ...
disappointed by Peter Marshall's study of Rudolf II, The Theatre of
the World: Astrology+Magic in Renaissance Prague

papers about Renaissance magic and astrology on

a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of articles related to
the occult on Wikipedia.

Nick Johnson, PhD candidate in musicology... how symbolism+an
understanding of miracles influenced late 16th

Alchemy, Hermeticism, and Islamic and Jewish Mysticism Around the
Time of Chrétien de Troyes CFP from last year

Nicholas Johnson The Ohio State University Musica Caelestia: Hermetic
Philosophy, Astronomy, and Music at the Court of Rudolf II.

wikipedia article on ceremonial magic is 19th century -centric,
doesn't cover how renaissance scholars use the term

2011 Renaissance Studies Graduate Student Conference Science and
Magic: Ways of Knowing in the Early Modern World

Theurgy and Renaissance Magic Bibliography (in progress)

writeup of 2005 Princeton Renaissance Magic conference

Renaissance Magic in the 21st Century Thomas Moore (audiobook, not
free) anybody heard this?

Mebane, J. Renaissance Magic and the Return of the Golden Age
(excerpted by Clifford Stetner)

The Astral Magic of the Renaissance

Wikipedia on Renaissance Magic needs work "a
resurgence in hermeticism and Neo-Platonic varieties of ceremonial magic."

Why study Renaissance Magic? But there are so
many more reasons I could list-suggestions? Trying to put more RM in here

RT @atlasobscura: 'The Key of Hell" images from an eighteenth century
German magical text on the fantastic @ResObscura

Call for Papers -- Esotericism conference at UC Davis June 14-17 2012 (the 2005 conference at UCD was my first ever)

Magic and/as Rhetoric: Outlines of a History of Phantasy

“I’m a master palindromist, and I can teach you how to neutralize
the letter h.”

RT @Medievalists: Article: Bawds, Pimps and Procurers: Images of the
prostitute in medieval England #medievalicious ...
great album of alchemical and spiritual art by Phil Norfleet

Challenging the Master: Moshe Idel's critique of Gershom Scholem. #Kabbalah

Religious Studies concentration in Gnosticism, Esotericism, Mysticism
(GEM) at Rice University

"When it passes from one inner level to another, the self always has
the impression that it is losing itself." -Pierre Hadot, "Plotinus"

RT @satfeed: Sufism and Deconstruction: Sages Of the Book

The Ismailis and their Role in the History of Medieval Syria and the
Near East

Plotinus' Criticism of Aristotle's and Stoics Categories (Enneads VI,
1-3) [42-44]

RT @davidbmetcalfe: Excerpt from @goldelixirpress recently released
Essays on Taoist Internal Alchemy, by Isabelle Robinet (pdf) http:// ...

Aristotle on Causality
RT @Medievalists: Article: New ‘Medicine’ for Old? Recipes,
remedies and treatments in vernacular manuscripts
#medie ...

RT @PhilosophyQuotz: Wonder is the feeling of the philosopher, and
philosophy begins in wonder. Plato

Paola Zambelli's style can be compared to Giordano Bruno himself: she
is cantankerous but with a purpose, savagely exposing scholarly folly.

RT @BoingBoing: 72 Demons: crowd sourced alternative illustrations of
the Ars Goetia
Anaxagoras maintained that the original state of the cosmos was a
mixture of all its ingredients

Hermetic Poimandres (I,18)
Let him who is endowed with intellect
realize that he is immortal, and
that the cause of death is sexual desire.

Societas Magica call for papers [sic] I think
it's a typo where it says 2010

Science and the Occult -- Call for Papers

RT @heidiko44: The alchemists in their search for gold discovered
many other things of greater value ~ Schopenhauer via @philo_quotes: ...

Manly P. Hall: Doctrines of Neoplatonism (10 lectures)

Jeff Kripal on Comic Books as the new Gnostic Gospels (mp3)

Jeffrey Kripal on Philip K. Dick in "Mutants and
Mystics" (SF/comic gnosis)

RT @davidbmetcalfe: Prof Jeff Kripal on Grant Morrison's "Visionary
Gnosticism": via @erik_davis

RT @davidbmetcalfe: Enoch-Metatron Tradition - by Andrei A. Orlov

A Critical, Quantum Gn¤stic ReviewofDavid Hume's Dialogues
Concerning Natural Religion

The Greeks+the Irrational is an exploration of the daemon, which is
Christianised+reduced to demons or devils interview

"There are limits to what this basic chemical background can tell us
about consciousness. " -Albert Hofmann

Tough talk and Castaneda: the cold water of becoming disillusioned
with a hoax can also be a visionary experience.
Iamblichus: "it is not appropriate to contend that the material
principle is evil" DCMS 15.23-24 (on general mathematical science)

"But to the ideas both belonged: both to be intelligible+{to
be}unchanging in substance,‘mounted on a holy pedestal’,that is,on pure

...being such as to complete the things that are in potentiality and
being causes that give them their form." -Proclus

101st post on my alchemy/memory/occult art blog

Boehme illustrations surprised not to see these
inspiring VALIS treatments more often

Jacob Boehme (1575-1624) in context, his life and the reception of
his writings 2010 conference
Carol Cusack -- Esotericism, Irony and Paranoia in Umberto Eco’s
Foucault’s Pendulum

new Aleister Crowley bio by Tobias Churton (an
author who writes on alchemical/rosicrucian "gnosticism")
RT @DebHarkness: BBC News - The witch trial that made legal history
Does Plato change his mind about forms?

Teaching Fifth Graders Science Through the Lens of Medieval
Scientific Discoveries and Developments

Arguing with Angels: Enochian Magic and Modern Occulture glad to see this!

Albert:"b/c human soul uniquely stands on the horizon of both
material+spiritual being it can operate as a microcosm+serve 1st

Albertus Magnus article

AM:1st Intelligence contemplates entire universe+uses human soul, as
illuminated by lower intelligences, to draw all creatures into a unity.

"1st Matter+1st Form are first+only “creations” of Creator—that
is, produced by an act of Will—+precede the Intellect."

there is an emanation of forms directed by what Albert calls “a
summoning of the good”

Eckhart breaks through that metaphysics o'being w/its analogical base
by thinking through the relation of causality informing absolute being

Meister Eckhart begins where Dietrich of Freiberg leaves off 1st identify the way in which this principle itself

RT @EPButler: @t3dy Very interesting, the terminology of "binding"
already in the Eroici Furori. That text badly needs a new English cri ...

@EPButler Amen. I'm reading essays in E.Canone&Rowland(2007) The
Alchemy of Extremes: The Laboratory of the Eroici Furori of Giordano Bruno.

RT @EPButler: @t3dy Juxtaposed with the previous quote, shows
artistic beauty distinct from natural beauty; anticipating Kantian

Patrizi's 16th-century Critique of Aristotelianism (and defense of Platonism)

Literary Forms of Medieval Philosophy

Petrizi's comment on Proclus' Elementatio theologica a significant
effort at reception...interprets the work immanently

The Effects of Marijuana and Coffee on the Brain
cool #artofmemory blog

Cosmology from Parmenides to Democritus in Edward
Hussey, The Presocratics

latest trippy medieval illumination on my alchemy blog

In the S.C. trilogy, RAW uses "Revolution of Lowered Expectations" as
an allegory for mystical introspection/meditation/magical operation.

English translation of Hypnerotomachia Polophili: The Strife of Love
in a Dream (plain text)

Synopsis of L. Lefaivre’s Leon Battista Alberti’s Hypnerotomachia

"There is a unique quality about the Alchemical Plane which renders
its images immediately recognisable." Aleister Crowley
essay on the use of Hypnerotomachia Polyphili in the novel "The Rule
of Four" (2004)

RT @davidbmetcalfe: "What magic means is to see beyond appearances &
into the fundamental unity..." Magic and Management ...

The Mysteries of Hypnerotomachia Poliphili nice
little site w/images,links

audio recording of 5-minute excerpt from Hypernotomachia Polyphili

Godwin on alchemy for non-initiates

Joscelyn Godwin: "Why draw so many images if all they mean is that
there is a relationship between “soul” + “spirit”?"

Diary of a Poliphilic Tourist, Joscelyn Godwin
“Reading, Admiring,+Translating the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili of 1499,”

Joscelyn Godwin, “Musical Alchemy: the Work of Composer and
Listener” Temenos 6 (1985): 57-75.

Bruno: "The total beauty+goodness of one species cannot be attained
except through the whole species for all eternity."

"You say well, oh Sophia, that no law that is not adjusted to the
experience of human society must be accepted." Giordano Bruno, Exp.Tri.Bst

"The artist binds by his art, since art is the beauty peculiar to the
artist." -Giordano Bruno, Of Bonds in General

"The beauty, then, of the body has power to kindle, but not to bind."
-Giordano Bruno, The Heroic Frenzies

Bruno:"Jove has given Law the power to bind,which will consist
chiefly in this:that she will not become such as to incur

DOP"our Mind can Change+Bind inferior Things to the Ends which we
Desire...the superior binds that which is inferior,+converts it to itself"

GB"A thing is not absolutely beautiful if it binds only playfully; it
is not absolutely good if it binds only usefully"

Giordano Bruno used grammar rather than logic as the basis of his art
of memory. His insight was to better frame implications of computation

What does it mean for memory artist (who's well acquainted
w/realities of imaginal work) to marvel at the labor behind a visionary

Hermes is between text+image,master of hieroglyphs that are
simultaneously both-he's their significance,translatability
The Man of Light in Iranian Sufism by Henri

Moshe Idel on Scholem's Kabbalah as Gnosticism

"the Good,the Principle,is simplex+correspondingly primal—for the
secondary can never be simplex—it contains nothing:it's an integral

“What is the oracle at Delphi? The tetraktys, which is the harmony
in which the Sirens sing” (Iamblichus, On the Pythagorean Life, 82)

revised Pythagoras entry (updated 8/8/2011)

Heraclitus was right: Life bubbles forth in a natural magic.

"50 gates of intelligencies; degrees or limits of all
which, as by symbols, or notes, we are led to the knowledge of all things"

"...which both by reading Paracelsus and Porta, and also by my own
experience, I have found conveniently and analogically harmonious."-Croll

"Nature as it were by certain silent notes speaks to us, and reveals
the ingenuity and manners of every individual." -Oswald Croll,PrefOfSig

If we now feign that plants do speak,+be willing to manifest their
secret commodities wherein they excel, howsoever they express themselves

Croll: "a way of demonstrating by similitude, wherein very often the
chief artificer is wont to manifest divine and occult things"

@midwichwatrfall find it here "herbs magically by
their signature bespeak the physician's thorough introspection"

@midwichwatrfall I once saw the Croll line translated as "every herb
is a terrene star"

RT @midwichwatrfall: "In every grain of wheat there lies hidden the
soul of a star" - Arthur Machen (credited by him to Oswald Crollius)

Influence of Neo-Platonism on the formation of theological categories
in the 4th-7th centuries

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Lucretius: "learn that many idols of things wander abroad in many
ways with no powers, unable to be perceived" (De rerum natura, IV, 27-28).

"Beyond the imaginary convex circumference of the universe is Time."
-Giordano Bruno, De l'infinito universo et mondi

"From various points of view these may all be regarded either as
centres, or as points on the circumference, as poles, or zeniths+so forth."

"To a body of infinite size there can be ascribed neither centre nor
boundary." -Giordano Bruno

"Time is the father of truth, its mother is our mind." Giordano Bruno
(according to wikiquote, via Eliade)

Bruno’s mnemonic machines... provide another precedent of the
combinatory possibilities of database systems

Synesius: the Quintessence + the hidden things of our Stone is
nothing else than our viscous, celestial + glorious Soul

Synesius' Epilogue on the Emerald Tablet.

Did Pico suggest a way of rereading Proclan/Dionysian henadology
according to the metaphysics of Aquinas?

RT @KvStuckrad: #CfP: 5th Int. Conference of the #ISSRNC on "#Nature
and the Popular Imagination," Pepperdine Uni, Malibu, Aug. 2012. ht ...

@toastbeard "Her must you contemplate with your mind, and not sit
with eyes dazed." -Empedocles (in The Presocratics p.289 via Simplicius)

notes for my unfinished MA thesis on Pico della Mirandola: Angel
metaphysics, magic and theurgy, neoplatonism, Proclus+Iamblichus, Dionysius

if you're interested in direct study of renaissance magic texts
(latin and english) and esoteric or academic scholarship

Quantizing Cacaphony and Other Follies of Weird Music Theory --
Alchemy Emblems as Music Theory Comics
Lawrence Principe: "how integral in fact is sexual language and
thought to alchemical aims and practices?"

Socrates was reported by Plato as saying that the ridiculous was
characterized by a display of self-ignorance. (Phil49b)

Lawrence Principe on why alchemist notebooks are hard to read
"Sethian treatises... providing incontestable proof of a
pre-Plotinian theological interpretation of the Parmenides's first

"So we have in Denys a kind of ouroboric maneuver by which positive
and negative theologies live only by ending in their own destruction."

"Denys... cannot divide levels of Divinity like the pagan
Neoplatonists and so must apply the two hypotheses to one God, but in what
substantially included in divine substance rather than being
severally distributed into a hierarchy of different substances (ibid)

everywhere expressive of the community+continuity of the categories,
whether applying to all of them vertically or only to one horizontally

"Unlike lamblichus, for whom the soul's helplessness necessitates
divine assistance, the soul is instead a self-mover..." ibid (/Damascius)

Sarah Abel-Rappe: "Neoplatonists see the soul and its multiple
configurations as the foundation of a "way of seeming"

...Iamblichus's peculiar view that there is a class of purified souls
that can descend and yet remain unharmed.

"Plotinus himself makes no claim to originality for his thought and
asserts that his only innovation was the theory of the undescended soul"

"But the indefiniteness of the dyad is neither explained nor really
employed in the generation of numbers and things."

Plotinus finds room for forms as well as numbers, whereas Speusippus
wanted to relegate forms to the level of the World Soul.

1st product of the union of the primal One+Multiplicity is not the
Forms, but Number. Being is prior to Number but Number is prior to beings

"If Jung were right, nothing could ever be "reductive" because
nothing could ever not be mythic." -Dan Merkur (on Acad-Myth e-list)


"Couliano goes so far as to suggest there are two kinds of
governments: police states, and magical states."

Historical relations between antique Greek Philosophy and Gnosticism

Plotinus, Porphyry, Zostrianos, and The Foreigner(s)

The panel on Ammonius is intended to address the distinctiveness and
influence of Ammonius' work

Ioan P. Culianu: Eros, Magic, Politics and Murder Remembered

review of the awesome Brill Brick "Plato's Parmenides and its
Heritage #gnosticism #neoplatonism #pseudo-dionysius

wish I coulda been a fly on the wall here
(neoplatonism conference)

are the Platonic Sethian Gnostic texts dependent on the Anonymous
Parmenides commentary?

Magical Criticism: The Recourse of Savage Philosophy (review)

review of Michael Allen Williams, Rethinking "Gnosticism

What He Thought — A poem by Heather McHugh
(poem has a bit about visiting the Giordano Bruno statue)

Honoring a Heretic Whom Vatican 'Regrets' Burning
(Giordano Bruno)

Like many magical toolbooks, McLuhan's text doesn't necessarily
suffer from being wrong or over the reader's head. It inspires either way.

I got into McLuhan via applied/magical media studies (Burroughs, Erik
Davis, Hakim Bey, Terence McKenna etc.) rather than academic theory.

Dawn Golden And Rosy Cross: A Bed Of Noise occult

Mysticism in Arabic and Islamic Philosophy

Gnosticism internet encyclopedia of philosophy

Marsilio Ficino encyclopedia of philosophy entry
by Renaissance scholar Christoper Celenza
"Paracelsus is never characterized by extreme lucidity." -Waite

Hegel was drawing inspiration, in roughly equal proportions, from
both "hard science"+alchemical-Hermetic speculation.

Alchemy in the American colonies

Giordano Bruno's travels marked on a map
ast aria: Bruno asks God to be granted one last vision of totality
of the universe. But this doesn't happen+Bruno is taken to his execution

Enrico Camorelli never shared a finished composition w/anyone. Il
Processo Di Giordano Bruno was found amidst his papers

"The position of a body is relative to that of other bodies... and
the observer is always at the center of things." -Giordano Bruno
"We delight in one knowable thing, which comprehends all that is
knowable; ... in a single being that includes all..." -Giordano Bruno

Oh holy asinity!holy ignorance!Holy foolishness+pious devotion!You
who alone do more to advance+make souls good than human ingenuity+studyGB

a constellation of the most pedantic,obstinate
ignorance+presumption,mixed w/a kind of rustic incivility,which would try
the patience of Job

"Giordano Bruno's Dialogic is an awareness-raising counter-narrative
exposing the corporate lackeys' stealthy "free marketing""
Deleuze and Fold: autonomous worlds (Giordano Bruno’s the minimum)

MAKING OF A HERETIC: The Superfluous Trinity fun
illustrated Giordano Bruno treatment

Atherton on Finnegans Wake and Giordano Bruno
#Joyce #Bruno #RAWilson

The practice of the art of memory was taken by some groups as a sort
of religious experience

Edward A. Gosselin reviews Ingrid Rowland’s Giordano Bruno:
Philosopher, Heretic.

review of Rowland's Giordano Bruno bio "the
brilliant philosopher's unconventional behavior did him in. "

The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #37: The Italian Renaissance

Frances Yates and the Mnemonic Works of Giordano Bruno

"The alchemists veiled the results of their experiments in the realm
of psychedelic method by using a sealed language."-Ralph Metzner EcsAdv

"For the power of reading as an alchemical act I thank you the
reader. ..." -Martin Goodman, I was Carlos Castaneda
Gnostic intuitions of the 1st+2nd century suggested that energy is
the divine light that is trapped in matter... -Terence McKenna, Invis.Lnd

Giordano Bruno as pantheist from an 1866 Essay on

Transformation Processes in Shamanism, Alchemy, and Yoga, Ralph Metzner

"It is this radical alienation that alchemical metaphysics attempts
to correct." SF Jung Institute Library Journal (via Google Books)

Smith (1975) "Most chemists are tolerant — even proud — about
alchemy, but astronomers take a hard line toward astrology."

What exactly is alchemical divination? Ralph

Tobias Churton: Giordano Bruno as Gnostic in The

Catana on Giordano Bruno interpretations of
Bruno's art of memory / contractions and memory

"The angle is a symbol and a likeness, we say, of the coherence that
obtains in the realm of divine things." -Proclus on Euclid (Def IX.129)

The Absolute Principle as Intellect without Being
in Meister Eckhart

Platonism and Gnosticism

Porphyry Medieval Semiotics
Presocratic Philosophy

Plato's Myths seems to attempt to overcome the
traditional opposition between muthos and logos

RT @davidbmetcalfe: Post-Islamic Gnostic Apotheosis, lecture by N.
Wahid Azal ( Univ. of London )
On Perspective…Elkins, Panofsky, Crary / Panofsky, Erwin
Perspective as Symbolic Form
Eriugena, Berkeley, and the Idealist Tradition Edited by Stephen
Gersh and Dermot Moran

on Eriugena: "His theory of place+time as defining structures of the
mind anticipates Kant,+his dialectical reasoning prefigures Hegel."

"as a result of its unique characterization of the action of divine
immanence as the qualitative motion itself of the cosmos, the..." [1/2]

...De sex rerum principiis must be seen as one of the most important
witnesses to the continuing allure of Stoic physics in the Middle Ages"

Ps. Hermes sees the motions of the cosmos as fundamentally immanent
motions of divine power (in de sex rerum principiis)

De sex rerum principiis is a 2th-century(c.1155)pseudonymous
philosophical cosmology Hermes Mercurius Triplex

Mark Delp,PhD.1995 Dissertation:“De sex rerum principiis:A
Translation+Study of Twelfth-Century Cosmology”Advisor:Stephen Gersh

Delp,“Alcuin: Master+Practitioner of Dialectic,” Proceedings of
the PMR Conference (Aug.Hist.Institute, Villanova), Vols.16/17/, pp.

"history of Platonism, regard to its contribution to
speculative mysticism+role of beauty+form in spiritual life"

@suitephilosophy check out Bibliography B: Platonist thought from
Eriugena to Alain de Lille
Eriugena as Philosopher

stress on dialectic as the path to truth is a constant theme of
Eriugena's philosophy recognized by his contemporaries.

Eriugena's aesthetic is a radical theory of the appearing of God in

Edward Butler vs. Robert Wallace about Gods in late pagan Platonists
2011-07-13 03:59:46
t3dy: speculation about what a Dickian religion might look like... #PKD

Introduction to the Corpus Hermeticum Brian
Copenhaver edition (the most current)

Ancient Astrology Theory And Practice

"The classical triadic division of philosophy into physics,
logic+ethics is ascribed to Plato,but in reality it stems from Middle

John Dillon on the Neopythagoreans in The Middle

Numenius Middle Platonism

t3dy: Philosopher's Stone makes OED word of the day

wikipedia offers a Jungian reading of Zosimos

Translation of a Zosimos' Text in an Arabic Alchemy Book

Visions of Zosimos and the First Homunclus

Zambelli: Pico praises magic and turns it into the dynamic center of
his world view.

Zambelli describes Giordano Bruno as "a very interesting writer on
the subject of angelology"

Introduction to Agrippa de occulta philosophia
Brill latin critical edition (google books preview)

Along with Yates I highly recommend her renaissance-ist
contemporaries Wayne Shumaker,Edgar Wind,PO
Kristeller,Cassirer,P.Zambelli,DP Walker

Frances Yates' studies are excellent introductions to Renaissance
Magic:most are easy reads+she dramatizes relations between characters well

@kimcascone A good place to look for ancient hermeticism is Zosimos.
Compare his dream/vision with medieval versions of "torture of metals"

Hermetism from late antiquity to humanism: La tradizione
Paolo Lucentini, Ilaria Parri, Vittoria Perrone Compagni - 2003

Hic Sensilis Mundus: Calcidius and Eriugena in Honorius

Platonic-Christian Allegories in the Homilies of Hildegard of Bingen

Zambelli discusses "historical intuition" of Frances Yates her scholarly social circle and interpreters/critics

@kimcascone @davidbmetcalfe Yates is a true delight. Great example of
need to let inspiration/enthusiasm take priority over scholarly rigor.

@kimcascone and plenty of Hermeticism scholars lack the inspiration
necessary to truly understand the texts. but anybody can read carefully.

@kimcascone Poimandres describes itself as "Mind of Mastery" but
emphasis is more on knowledge for DIVINIZING than for getting hands dirty

@davidbmetcalfe @kimcascone This is what I like best about American
"pragmatic" occultism--a lack of pretension/but still has its own poetry

@davidbmetcalfe @kimcascone I'd rather see a practical occultism that
is honest about its anachronism, argues for the necessity of new lens!

@davidbmetcalfe @kimcascone I don't have a problem w/practical
occultism eschewing metaphysics, even history, but w/false historical
@davidbmetcalfe @kimcascone Yates wrote a lovely chapter in her GBHT
about "reactionary hermeticists" after Casaubon

@kimcascone scholarly definitions of Hermeti[ci]sm have same problems
as occultist ones--too much taken for granted not enough explanations!

@kimcascone I see this idea of working in accordance with nature as
Paracelsus' response to the proto-scientific "rape of nature" style

@kimcascone This issue of "mastery" over nature is anachronistic when
thinking of ancient Hermetism, its a Christian medieval invention

@kimcascone You're talking about an ethical distinction that wasn't
relevant to ancient Hermetists. They weren't worried about this problem.

"I long to learn the things that are+comprehend their nature+know
God. Hold in thy mind all thou wouldst know, and I will teach thee."CH I.1

@kimcascone I think Festugiere is correct on this knowledge shift
from own sake to practical benefits/but that's not "mastery over nature"

@kimcascone I don't see a "doctrine of mastery over nature" in
ancient Hermetism as in Christian medieval hermeticism, but they did do

@kimcascone well he's looking at practical herm+history of science,
medievals like the Bacons certainly took hermeticism in that directions

"Plato's Parmenides and Its Heritage" #gnosticism

@davidbmetcalfe @kimcascone Yeah I think it's clear that Eco finds
this material worthy of writing great Lit about, but he's keen on dangers

@davidbmetcalfe @kimcascone "there is much rubbish written about the
gnostics these days" has delicious irony/perhaps cuts too close to home

@davidbmetcalfe @kimcascone I'm still at sea trying to grok with
fullness this "Semiological" approach to esotericism in Eco, but I sure dig

hermeticism as an influence on the history of science Science in culture By Piotr Jaroszyński

"...much confusion has arisen, the word 'Hermeticism' used by many of
our contemporaries in a very vague+uncertain way"

Harran, Hermeticism, and Esoteric Islam

Has anybody read Peter Lamborn Wilson (at al.)'s "Green Hermeticism"
and whaddya think?

The Question of Platonism and Hermeticism in
Arthur Versluis, Theosophia: Hidden Dimensions of Christianity

Keats, hermeticism, and the secret societies By Jennifer N. Wunder

occult imagery in art could be deployed for polemical
effect+political engagement...‘superhuman image’ of Ren.magician
transferred to artist

Hitbodedut, Theurgia and the Modern Magus the art
of seclusion/isolation

Reinventing the Renaissance Occult in Modern and Postmodern Culture

@davidbmetcalfe @kimcascone have y'all read Faivre's "Eternal
Hermes?" + Everling's "secret history"
Heady scholarly texts on ancient/medieval Hermeticism Fowden Arabic Hermes

Delp: surveying scholarship on Alcuin's educational writings one
can't help noticing negative judgements leveled on his little text on logic

Thomas Aquinas on the Names of God in Speaking
the Incomprehensible God

@davidbmetcalfe @kimcascone Grafton is an excellent Renaissance
scholar (Clucas turned me on to him) I especially enjoyed him on

towers of babel (artists love building, er...
depicting them)
On the Formulae of the Unicursal Hexagram by Frater David R. Jones lots of big words--useful for formulation!

The importance of Fire in Alchemy: A case for alchemy and spagery in
the vegetable kingdom

Initiation and the Four Worlds of the Qabalah

added an interesting alchemical design -- pentagonal tree of life in
the flask

The Sabbatian Qabalah and its relation to the Golden Dawn #Tzvi

grimoire illustrations

Canseliet, the Art of Music and Weight "The
philosophical egg as a musical instrument?" #Alchemy

"magical attitude" contrasted with "alchemical attitude"

Channel Five : The Philosopher’s Stone – The True Story #Alchemy documentary

RT @walters_museum: Walters Western Manuscripts - Claricia Psalter;
calendar page for June and July with zodiacal sign

RT @walters_museum: Walters Islamic Manuscripts - From a mystic poem;
The Prophet Muhammad ascends to heaven

The Development of Astronomy in Medieval Islamic Society

The Then and Now of Memory

Finally got around to reading Eco's Foucault's Pendulum and I'm glad
I waited. Helps to be a little sick of certain patterns in esoterica...

According to at least one author, the highest aspiration of the
magician is to attain to a lazy postmodernist epistemology.

Umberto Eco y Marilyn Migiel (1988). "An Ars Oblivionalis Forget It"

Cornelius Agrippa said the art of memory "has in itself more
impudence than efficacy".

Paolo Rossi, Logic and the Art of Memory. "Bruno believed that the
'miraculous art' of mnemotechnics would lead to a 'renewal' or reform...

of knowledge, and bring about an infinite increase in man's
capacities, and his dominion over nature." [2/2]

Hopkins on the Alchemical Color Sequence

Swedenborg in Popular Culture

Umberto Eco: "Paradoxically, the instruments of the art coincide with
the totality of the content to be rememembered."

RT @Carlolight: Magic happens to be precisely everything that eludes
comprehension. - Carl #Jung - Red Book

RT @historyancient: Article: Forgery on the Nile: Counterfeiting
copper coins in ancient Egypt

review: Logic and the Art of Memory by Paolo Rossi

Continuity and Innovation in the Magical Tradition

cute robot explains sacred geometry

postmodern magicians discuss Couliano

"the preliminaries of desire consist in setting up a phantasm within
the subject" -Couliano quoted in Bradburn-Ruster

Nelson: We no longer need marvel at the correspondence between the
phantasms of schizophrenics+the phantasms brought into play by magicians.

Couliano: "This book, as any other, is a sowing of phantasms
addressing an unknown harvester. It is he who will decide of its usage. "

Anton:To Culianu these philosopher-magicians were early masters of
cyberspace — infinite realm of thoughts the Renaissance called phantasms.

Vitanza: prospect of defining rhetonc as "the study+practice of
manipulating phantasms," as suggested by loan Couliano's Eros+Magic...

Couliano: Renaiss. iconoclasm "a total censorship of the imaginary,
since phantasms are none other than idols conceived by the inner sense."

topographical place where phantasms are produced also has an
intermediary status;it is somewhere between the soul+the body,namely in

Castells:The image of the woman is converted into a phantasm that
invades and controls the lover's brain and prevents his full use of reason

Couliano notes, 'the phantasm has absolute primacy over the word.'
Marvell: The phantasm, then, is the very condition of cognition itself

Tomlinson: Allen approaches Ficino's theory of phantasms from a
perspective very different than Couliano's

Covino:Words at all levels of abstraction originate from phantasms.
Phantasms in combination, what loan Couliano calls "phantasms in motion"

The illusion of desire is strictly congruent with the fantasy of the
image. / virtually coextensive with the fantasy of the image.

t3dy: I also blog about #PKD #Alchemy #Theurgy Renaissance Magic

t3dy: tweets on Pico della Mirandola --angelology, henadology, theurgy,
renaissance magic, neoplatonism

Kocku von Stuckrad on Pico della Mirandola:"Pico participated in the
ontologization of language in his reception+interpretation of kabbalah"

The poetics of the gaze opens a space for the fantasy of

RT @Jungcurrents: JUNG: The Alchemical work is

RT @Jungcurrents: ,Alchemical text: "Be warned and understand truly
that two fishes are swimming in our sea"....

what did #Jung mean by his (apparently mistaken?) reference to
Heraclitus as a source for the alchemical color sequence?

Jung and Alchemy

Iconographic Database: Magic and Science

Warburg Institute

RT @Surrealitee: This old Persian poetry #manuscript is a stunner:
Proclus commentary on Euclid

[Ancient] Mathematics and Mathematical Astronomyعلم الاصول
وعلم الهيئة وعلم الهندسة

Damon Albarn interview for Dr Dee opera
Narbonne: "The prospect of an ongoing discussion with the Gnostics...
allowing for a truly dynamic understanding of the Plotinian corpus."

RT @tonhoberlinense: Narbonnes new book: Plotinus in Dialogue with
the Gnostics

Hermeias: How are the statues said to have an enthusiastic energy?

Hermeias: "If the Gods always wish the soul what is good, why does
not the soul always energize enthsiastically?"

"After the same manner as the intelligible, the sensible world has
all things, according to all its parts." -Proclus

"in partible natures there is that which is impartible..." -Proclus

"All things both abide in and convert themselves to the Gods...
Prayer therefore, is no small part of the whole ascent of souls."

Proclus on those who call nature demiurgic art

Damascius: Time is symbolically placed for the one principle of the
universe; but ether and chaos, for the two posterior to this one...[1/2]

...and being, simply considered, is represented under the symbol of
an egg. On First Principles [2/2]

D: "In what sense are men created from the Titans? ...because their
life is reduced to the utmost of differentiation..."

Damascius: Why are the Titans said to plot against Dionysius?-- [1/2]

Because they initiate a mode of creation that does not remain within
the bounds of the multiform continuity of Dionysus.

"one has two meanings--in one sense it transcends, in the other it is
coordinate with, is" Proclus in Parm VII 35-36

Proclus:The angelic order in a characteristic way leads souls upward
to the celestial region, "appearing about the soul"

RT @UNRV: Book Review of Between Empires: Arabs, Romans, and
Sasanians in Late Antiquity via @UNRV

@toastbeard it took a few thousand repetitions of "la illa ha illa
la" and "allahu akbar" before I really understood that one

@Demon_Writer I put a few excerpts from various articles dealing with
Dionysian theurgy in this post

@Demon_Writer check out Wear+Dillon "Pseudo-Dionysius and the
Neoplatonic Tradition" for info on PD's [creative] uses of the term theurgy

@Demon_Writer there's a paper by Rebecca Coughlin that follows up on
Shaw, looks at Iamblichus' prayer. see also Dylan Burns on Proclus+PD

@Demon_Writer Yeah Greg Shaw's. Was a huge influence on me when I got
started working on the influence of Dionysius on Christian Cabala

@Demon_Writer it's an interesting question, how much a Dionysian
turns out to be an Iamblichian

@Demon_Writer It's ironic how much fandom of 19th cent. british
occultism gets in the way of serious study of renaissance occult

Perceptions of magic in medieval Spanish literature By Jennifer M.

Rhetoric and Magic in the 11th and 12th Centuries
in The Magician, the Witch and the Law

The Devil's Hoodwink: Seeing and Believing in the World of 16th
Century Witchcraft Charles Zika

Dragon in Sophie Page, Magic in Medieval
RT @Demon_Writer: RT @MilwaukeeMystic A Commentary on the Mystical
Philosophy of St. John of the Cross

RT @Medievalists: Article: Windows on a medieval world: medieval
piety as reflected in the lapidary literature of the Middle Ages
http: ...

The Art of the Law: Aleister Crowley’s Use of Ritual and Drama

"The process of Love under Will is evidently progressive."

"Tetragrammaton is the complete mathematical expression of Love...
This formula of Love is universal; all laws of Nature are its servitors."

"The essence of the process consists in the struggle of the Will
against giddiness; but this struggle must be prolonged and severe."-Crowley

"magical ecstasy liberated by union with grotesque or hideous images"
"I wanna go to law school so I can learn how to turn gold into lead."
Detective Lennie Briscoe on reverse #Alchemy (Law and Order)

Whether or not alchemists were keeping the flame of an esoteric
secret lit, they were also making NEW discoveries in technique+matter

The History of Science zone of Alchemical studies is a technologist's
Heaven and an esotericist's Hell.

The Grimoire of the Fade Cave teaches: one can constrain a spirit not
with theistic threats but with knowledge that "all Faders go to Unity"

@davidbmetcalfe I think a lot about whether the neoplatonists were
opening up ways to be true to the authentic Platonic tradition or /invent

RT @davidbmetcalfe: Alhidade, Azimuth, and Almucantar: Astronomy in
medieval Islam via @hatmaker_kelly

RT @davidbmetcalfe: RT @stancarey: Very interesting article on the
linguistic history of Venice: via @pipwillcox @jon ...

RT @STomaselli: RT @StanCarey Putting language to sleep in Finnegans

RT @EPButler: "Hegel's Hyperbolic Formalism", Rocío Zambrana:

RT @davidbmetcalfe: Journal of Mythic Arts Archive: via @demon_writer @occultdetective

Exploring the mysteries of early Christianity: Nag Hammadi comes to

By Dylan Burns ’11 Ph.D.

RT @Demon_Writer: Call for papers: Demons in the Academy? Renouncing
Rejected Knowledge, Again.

RT @Medievalists: Video: The Medieval Synthesis, by Professor Keith
Ward #philosophy #Aquinas #Religion

Burns performs an impressive kind of alchemy...takes a knotty+complex
history of violence+turns it into a compelling drama of national unity

The Relation of Jung's Psychologyto Meister Eckhart and Jakob Boehme

One Mind: Jung and Meister Eckhart on God and Mystical Experience Society/e-journal/Volume-2/Herold-2006.pdf

RT @davidbmetcalfe: INASWE launched with lecture on Jung and Eranos via @easprem

Hermetism and Hermeticism

Great Sufi teacher

When Hermes was identified with Idris, then Hermes, too, became the
subject of similar stories of heavenly ascent originally proper to Enoch

Shamanisms and the authenticity of religious experience

Ronald Hutton, “Writing the History of Witchcraft: A Personal View" 17th
century grimoire magic
The Bones Go Last Part 1 AO Spare
documentary HT @kimcascone

RT @davidbmetcalfe: Walters Islamic Manuscript - From the Book of
Kings; Rustam defeating the white demon via @walter ...

discourse of efficacy continuous w/(public)religion+based in a kind
of structuralism not notions of “magic worldview”or“degenerate

The expert and client ritually transgress those limits, while the
target... will impute ritual potency to the anomalies he encounters.

Magic “works” not b/c of some kind of private cathartic drama but
because the ritual expert, the client/performer,+the targeted individual--

all operate within a common system of symbolic limits, in particular
the boundaries of the private+the separation of the dead and the living

much local variation in magical practices, implying reflection of
immediate cultural contexts rather than some universal underworld of magic

Bailliot, Magie et sortilèges dans l'Antiquité romaine:
archéologie des rituels et des images.

Pico's magic theory is a mess, clumsy-carving out an ambiguous space
for magic leading to variety of results. his Angelology better sketched

RT @easprem: Lux in Tenebris: ESSWE conference program published

Why Study Renaissance Magic?

RT @occultliving: History of the Thoth tarot by Lady Frieda Harris
and Aleister Crowley The Thoth tarot was originally planned to be a.. ...
Stone #Alchemy

The Middle Ages: Twelve Activities Take Students Back in Time!L super cool site!

Medieval Philosophy of Mind

DNA Could Illuminate Origins of Medieval Manuscripts
Heraclitus is defending Homer from the charge of impiety as if in a
court... but how did rhetors handle and judge allegory?

How did they believe allegory could avoid the risk of obscurity and
project its aesthetic value on the underlying text?

"Homeric Problems" by the Stoic philosopher Heraclitus #Allegory

Plotinus on Act and Power

The Active Principle in Stoic Philosophy

Plato's Dualism: The Cosmos as Active and Passive Power

Theories of Perception in Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy

Angels: The Concept of Celestial Beings--Origins, Development +

Relatively big collection of #Alchemy #Symbols

Alchemy Into Chemistry

Francis Mercury Van Helmont: Kabbalist Physician
Allison Coudert, The Impact of the Kabbalah on the Seventeenth Century

"...a concept that Bruno tends to radicalize rather than reject."

Restoring the temple of vision: cabalistic freemasonry and Stuart
culture By Marsha Keith Schuchard

Giordano Bruno and the geometry of language By Arielle Saiber

Bruno's "magic" became less overt and more allegorical. Supernatural fiction in early modern drama+culture

On Giordano Bruno's Magical Thought in History
of the Concept of Mind

Bruno's Natural Philosophy Essays on Giordano
Bruno by Hillary Gatti

RT @davidbmetcalfe: Literary Review: 'Pharmako Poeia' by Dale Pendell via @psypressuk @murasakimoon

Bruno's magic concentrated on possibility of reinforcing capacities
of human mind, not tapping in to powers outside it.

Epistles of the Brethren of Purity: The Case of the Animals versus
Man Before the King of the Jinn
Anointing Oil & Kaneh Bosem

did Rabelais have knowledge of Cannabis Intoxication?

P.B. Shelley: visionary experience leads to poet's curse

The Language of Religious Experience Luke
Timothy Johnson, Religious Experience in Earliest Christianity:a missing

Jewels of Wonder, Instruments of Delight: Science Fiction, Fantasy,
and Science-Fantasy as Vision-Inducing Works

Zohar and Iamblichus

Mysticism, Magic, and Shamanism Descenders to
the Chariot: The People behind the Hekhalot Literature, James R. Davila

"Mystical Modes of Awareness" in Exploring
Unseen Worlds: William James and the Philosophy of Mysticism

Medieval visions of heaven and hell: a sourcebook By Eileen Gardiner

Ancient visions: petroglyphs and pictographs from the Wind River and
Bighorn country, Wyoming and Montana

The Dream Seekers: Native American Visionary Traditions of the Great
Plains By Lee Irwin, Vine Deloria

Visionary experience in the Golden Age of Spanish art By Victor Ieronim Stoichiță

Rabbi Joseph Gikatilla's Hermeneutics By Elke

The study of 20th century Kabbalah

Theory of Shamanism, Trance, and Modern Kabbalah
Powers of Language in Kabbalah: Comparative Reflections

Devotional, Covenental,+Yogic:3 Episodes in Religious Use of
Alphabet+Letter From a Millenium of Great Vehicle Buddhism

"Greek Distrust of Language" in The poetics of grammar and the
metaphysics of sound and sign By S. La Porta

Adam's Naming of the Animals: Naming or Creation?

Shalom Shar'abi and the kabbalists of Beit El By
Pinchas Giller

The Existence-Bestowing Word in Islamic Mysticism

Jan Assman, Creation Thru Heiroglyphics: Cosmic Grammatology/Ancient
Egypt poetics of grammar+metaphysics of sound+sign

Mind and religion: psychological and cognitive foundations of
religiosity By Harvey Whitehouse, Robert N. McCauley

Vision, as it is engaged by painting, has long been described as a
discursive practice.

Savran: "Theophany narratives allow us to explore the visual
representation of the divine from a unique perspective."

A Seal Within a Seal: The Imprint of Sufism in Abraham Abulafia's
Teachings HArvey J. Hames

Ten Psychoanalytic Aphorisms on the Kabbalah by Daniel Abrams
'The story behind the world’s oldest museum, built by a Babylonian
princess 2,500 years ago via @erik_davis

Pico was very clear about what his brand of magic was
not(i.e.diabolic conjuring etc.)but his positive definition was never fully

RT @davidbmetcalfe: Savonarola - A.O. Spare (Pencil and watercolour
on paper. Unsigned, c.1907)

Daimonic Imagination

davidbmetcalfe David Metcalfe Alchemical Visions of Eternal Rapture - Boehme's Illuminationist Eschatology

Valentinian Secretiveness Reconsidered in Beyond Gnosticism: Myth, Lifestyle, and Society in the School of Valentinus

Michael Allen Williams on re-thinking "Gnosticism"

@ @eglinski I had the title wrong (from hasty notes) it's actually "Gnosis: An Esoteric Tradition of Mystical Visions and Unions."

Karen King, Why is Gnosticism so Hard to Define?

Calif. county to replace headstones bearing N-word #GoldRush

new book: Continuity and Innovation in the Magical Tradition, Gideon Bohak, Shaul Shaked, Yuval Harari (looks fun, if heavy and dense)

Marvin W. Meyer on the Gospel of Thomas "it does not seem to fit with gnosticism..."

Leo Sweeney, S.J. Mani's Twin and Plotinus: Questions on "Self"

John D. Turner, The Final Contemplation of the Supreme Principles #Gnosticism

John Turner, Sethian Gnosticism Literary History Plotinus+Platonizing Sethian Treatises

Birger Pearson, Alexandrian Judaism and Gnostic Origins Biblical Exegesis in Gnostic Literature

Birger Pearson, Jewish Haggadic traditions in The Testimony of Truth from Nag Hammadi #Gnosticism

Pearson, Gnostic Ritual+Iamblichus' On the Mysteries of Egypt Figure of Seth in Manichean Lit.

Birger Pearson, What is Gnosticism? on Gnostic Iconography Figure of Seth

John McWhorter on Bono's use of "fucking brilliant"

I'm not sure if it's to Janeane Garofolo's credit that she seems to believe her crappy lines in Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior.

IanniX: great graphical open-source sequencer, based on Xenakis works. Will take time learning to use > (via @kimcascone)

"I just was after some meaningless sex and it turned into something sleazy." -Sam Malone (Cheers)

Cloisonné new They Might Be Giants

read the scene where gravity is pulling me around

"like" my alchemy blog on Facebook

@ @mason_mem "is he to be reached? ...maybe these maps and legends have been misunderstood."

Paschal Beverly Randolph: Sexual Magic in the 19th Century

Zonker marshals Scripture vs. Eschatologists

watching cheers, coach started singing "I've got spurs/jingle jangle jingle" (a synchronicity b/c I'm still geeking out to Fallout music)

Paschal Beverly Randolph thought he had the cure for what ails horny stoner mystics, but it took an Aleister Crowley to Patent the Medicine!

Pirate utopias: Moorish corsairs & European Renegadoes, By Peter Lamborn Wilson (AKA Hakim Bey)

What's worse, a hipster who doesn't actually read the William S. Burroughs books on his shelf, or one who does actually read them?

Perhaps b/c I got into microblogging via Livejournal, I've always seen Facebook+Twitter more as writing tools than toys, tho' I play plenty.

How many more Pirates movies before they use Burroughs' Cities of the Red Night as a source text? (or Peter Lamborn Wilson!)

"Cruelty should be cruelly mocked." -Dan Savage

I'm deeply skeptical that we can reconstruct ancient thought, especially esoterica, from texts alone. No modern witness to power they had.

rational soul derived from intelligible+participates in power of demiurge/means of which we ascend with aid of theurgy.

Musical Theory and Ancient Cosmology

Fowden: Once theurgy was vindicated and accepted, there was no further need to worry about its sources

@ @Demon_Writer We run into big problems using texts to try and prove these big theories, especially texts already so poorly understood

@ @Demon_Writer of course Shaw has criticized Idel for a theory of theurgy that owes too much to Dodds, problems with using the term abound...

@ @Demon_Writer Yeah. I've met Lehrich and dig his work, but since I'm not on the same theory trip I can't always follow let alone nod my head

Demon_Writer Jeffrey S. Kupperman @t3dy This, perhaps:

@ @Demon_Writer ah, that recently published! thanks. definitely looking forward to reading it

@ @Demon_Writer right. instructive on what not to do. so much of the intellectual content of esotericism overlooked as a result.

The Pythagorean Theory of Music and Color Manly Palmer Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages

@ @Demon_Writer why is that? Dodds is an amazing example of brilliant understanding co-existing with unthinking misunderstanding

@ @Demon_Writer I read some online writeup but hadn't seen the book mind grabbing me the reference?

@ @Demon_Writer Yeah Greg Shaw's work is the foundation of lots of great stuff going on these days in theurgy studies

Practical Philosophy - Telestic in Hierocles of Alexandria By Hermann Sadun Schibli

Lewy: "Theurgical the chief mystery of the Chaldaean sacramental community...its goal being the immortalization of the soul."

George Luck, "Theurgy and Forms of Worship in Neoplatonism"

music for theurgy in Music of the Warao of Venezuela: song people of the rain forest By Dale Alan Olsen

theurgy in The philosophy of the commentators, 200-600 AD: a sourcebook, Volume 1 By Richard Sorabji

Moshe Idel on three types of Kabbalistic theurgy

@ @Demon_Writer I think it's an oversimplification to say that theurgy is merely practice for Iamblichus-it's a discourse as well as a ritual.

@ @Demon_Writer Yes, Majercik's idea of theurgy owes much to Iamblichus, although she's trying to understand pre-Iamblichean Chaldean Oracles.

It's hard to find the time to write much on the blog projects but getting all this traffic, as well as interesting comments, certainly helps

"Theurgy as praxis, then, can be distinguished from theology as speculation..." ibid

difficulties in defining the term "theurgy" Majercik on the Chaldean Oracles

Uzdavinys:traditional myth(as the Neoplatonists maintained)is the symbolic expression of metaphysics, as metaphysics is the exegesis of myth

I started my blog as a museum of alchemical emblems+links to readings hope to write more on it soon.

I often get into trouble when I try to write on weird literature as testing philosophical points, rather than depicting them as narratives.

I'm fascinated by speculation in effort to fill gaps in our knowledge, but prefer models that stay close to the text

I'm super down with this recent research on Plato as having structured his texts in Pythagorean manner, hitting octave resonances telling it

Plato of course included revolutionary amounts of hardcore analytic philosophy as topics, but discussions go further, mean much more/have fx

It's a mistake to look to Egypt for origin of what logic-choppers call analytic phil. Plato didn't redefine mystic philosophy as rationality

I'm not interested in Plato as founder of what Analytic Philosophy departments call philosophy, but as author of real, mystic/literary stuff

I think interesting esoteric/mystical insights of Egypt didn't translate as philosophy, work better as subtle allegorical hints in Plato

I want to see researchers interested in questions of ancient hermetica delving into scholarship/questions of M.L.West,Yan Assman,G.Fowden...

I liked Lachman on egyptian shamanism, which I think worthy study as influence on Plato, but I'm skeptical of Egypt as source of Philosophy.

I seek to understand what medieval+renaissance alchemists/magi actually thought--on their own terms--not to fit an occult system.

I don't deny uses modern occultists make of medieval thought but recognize that most are pure anachronism (this can be a key to their power)

'With games, learning is the drug,' writes Raph Koster

MorganScorpion Julia Morgan The Nightmare Lake by H P Lovecraft, read by me.

helacious Hilary Joyce Held Impecunious? In me cups; IOU! #anagram #artwiculate

In studying alchemy/magic in the contxt of the history of ideas, I have to take 19th+20th century interpretations with much care+skepticism.

Pico's philosophical angelology has been unjustly neglected in scholarship on the history of ideas/Huge influence on 16th-17th cent. cosmos!

Peter Serafinowicz “@DudeWabiSabi: How does Yoda have sex? #PSQA” Yoda does not have sex. He just masturbates.

Just as there is more philosophical content in Pico's angelology than occultist readings have allowed, there's more philosophy in his magic.

xenophrenia "...those who do not make human beings the center of their concern soon lose the capacity to make any ethical choices .." Dwight Macdonald

chaoflux Danny Chaoflux good things are happening

Cannes: The Talmud scholarship comedy of the year!

I live in California and I have barely woken up yet; I certainly don't appreciate these articles saying "May 21 came and went"

The tale of the rose #symbolism expert on pagan studies

The twitter stream is a surrealist's heaven and an organization freak's hell. Nonlinear, stream-of-consciousness, cutup. Oh but such a wash!

@ @soundhunter @torreybird

@ @soundhunter @torreybird PKD Exegesis stuff soon to be published will shed more light on his esoteric interests. he wrote very little on alc

Sigil to allow myself a gratuitous grace now and again: ibid ibid ibid ibid ibid ibid ibid ibid cf cf QED cf cf ibid ibid ibid ibid ibid

@ @clerestories I appreciated that "Villa Incognito" was(ironically)such an explicit effort at myth making, demands allegorical interpretation

@ @clerestories The "eye game" in Skinny Legs and All is another, gives me insight on how to gaze at visionary weirdness of alchemical emblems

@ @clerestories JP-Great example. I was thinking about how it works great as literal narrative, straight up advice, but also resonates deeper.

Chase:"In Ismaili thought, the Intellect is described as "sorrowful", since it longs to return to the ineffable One, but cannot cognize it."

I haven't tweeted much about Tom Robbins yet but I sure do love his stories, rich mystical+psychedelic allegories as well as empowering fun.

To what degree did #PKD buy into the Jungian version of gnosis + alchemy? How far did he depart? Is his reality breakdown gnostic rebellion?

making friends with astral faces ain't just trading places or getting between spaces

@ @davidbmetcalfe When I talked with Zeke Mazur I told him about my difficulties; he thinks we can still use "gnosis" + get the gnostics right

@ @davidbmetcalfe I've been scratching my head about Voss vs. Merkur. She defends "alchemy is like tantra" saying they're both doing unity.

@ @davidbmetcalfe true weird+distinctive nature of Gnostics isn't captured in Jonas' typology any more than Faivre's Western Esotericism model

@ @davidbmetcalfe I think the New Gnostics are often great, but don't buy this emphasis on gnosis as an "experiential knowledge" category.

@ @davidbmetcalfe I'm still very skeptical of the notion that there's a "gnostic attitude" that is distinguishable from xtian spirituality.

sigil for allowing myself a gratuitous grace UAITNONEGUGRACENCUCUITTYYITIYYIT

"Don't say gay ... say Takei!"

"Poets do not go mad, but chess players do." -G.K. Chesterton

Demon_Writer Jeffrey S. Kupperman
@ @t3dy Have you read "Giordano Bruno: Neoplatonism and the Wheel of Memory in De Umbris Idearum" by Alessandro G. Farinella in Ren Quarterly?

@ @Demon_Writer Yeah that paper and Clucas' "Simulacra et Signacula" have been a huge inspiration, got me heavy into Plotinus and Proclus

Certain People I Could Name - They Might Be Giants

"As time went by, the pillars became smaller, simpler, and were mounted with less and less care."

world’s oldest temple suggests the urge to worship sparked civilization

Dalai Lama HHDL recalls his early childhood in this clip from his talk at the University of Minnesota on May 8, 2011.

zota Jason Brown "It's either Proust or Hoarders."

@ @Demon_Writer sounds interesting thanks for the tip. I want to one day write a play about Bruno's Process, inquisition vs. his memory texts.

articles by Renaissance historian Ingrid Rowland

Those Bad Borgias, Ingrid D. Rowland (a great Giordano Bruno scholar)

tiferetjournal Tiferet Journal You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.~Buddha

SOUNDMAGICK DAMON COOK I liked a @YouTube video Terence McKenna: Culture is not your friend

rdonoghue Rob Donoghue Moment of confusion as my son pipes up "Hollah!" - takes a second to realize he's enthusing about his piece of bread.

@ @WeiserBooks Crowley wasn't notorious for being easy to work with--what Harris pulled off is an astonishing artistic/magical accomplishment!

Weiser Books Women & The Occult - Lady Frieda Harris: Artist of the Thoth Tarot

did a little work on my reading/translation of Bruno's De Umbris Idearum, a text I have neglected for too long

Power and Magic in Italy by Thomas Hauschild

the sound of running water is very comforting

signification blues

@ @davidbmetcalfe Having RTFA my opinion of Pagels actually improved. I'm definitely with her on "open question" emphasis, respect for mystery

@ @davidbmetcalfe Yeah I like that Pagels emphasizes the Christianity of gnostics (who weren't heretics YET!), but other influences important.

@ @davidbmetcalfe I actually think that Pagels should be more highly regarded by scholars, but her import is popularizing new Gnostic studies.

starsorceror David Rankine "There is above the celestial lights an incorruptible flame always sparkling; the spring of life, the formation of all beings" - Porphyry

The Shamans of Egypt by @garylachman via @realitysandwich

David Metcalfe "the terms Gnosticism & Gnostic hijack (the) ability to...retrieve the the formative stages of Christianity"

@ @davidbmetcalfe I like this notion of gnostic concept "light pollution," although this guy vastly overstates Pagels' scholarly importance.

"I'm sorry, but we can't send a search and rescue team into Plato's Cave."

it's rare to see a retelling of the Arabian Nights with an appropriate amount of sleaziness

I have barely gotten started with but already received some excellent comments; hope to post much more soon

My most difficult blog is -- looks at academic study+theory of theurgy, especially the Neoplatonic kind.

looking forward to seeing my first Rivercats game this weekend, celebrating a good friend's 30th.

Probably my blog I most unjustly neglect is repurposing art+magic to illustrate music theory problems.

I have been posting excerpts from Latin texts dealing with magic on my blog any questions welcome!

My alchemy blog had a 500-hit day recently + has made $50 in ads this year. Thanks for your support!

"truth is satire's spermatozoon" Bill Moyers interviews Jon Stewart (excerpt)

How the Brain Got Its Buttocks: Sixteenth-century anatomists couldn't keep their minds out of the gutter.

amazingly weak defense from a celebrity philosopher

According to Yates, Bruno knew Lullism better than its inventor.(if also thru renaissance lenses) Saw uses better, or a radical repurposing?

Frances Yates was on to something with her research into "magical religion" +inward magic post-Ficino+Pico, although debatable on details.

@ @kimcascone Topkapı Sarayı'ndaki şifalı gömlekler by Hülya Tezcan -- "sifali gömlekler"="healing shirts". "Topkapi Sarayi"=Topkapi palace.

Scored a copy of The Art of Memory by Frances Yates at Borders going out of business 80% off sale

today I looked at a book of medieval Turkish Talismanic Shirts. amazing how much magic is out there

crocodile autopsy. no not some surrealist mystical metaphor this time it's what they put on the tv

@ @soundhunter I didn't know about that thanks--haven't seen a Burton film since Sleepy Hollow, but my wife liked Coraline so I'll try it..

Stephen Colbert starting a Political Action Committee

sigil for composing statistically improbable phrasesnP+++ARG+-+-+FA---R+++-GLE++NBAR++HEN+++AB+-++RGL++-ET-AOR++GN-U-EY++KDL-AH----T-I+-EO++

Watching the Giants game with my wife, she exclaims "oh honey it's cubs versus pandas."

Paschal Bev.Randolph was right

headline too far but interesting findings nevertheless

geartooth syncopation blues

Watched Candyman for Friday the 13th horror movie night, nice to finally get around to stuff like that.

Role-Playing Game manuals are often compelling works of art even without needing to put the game into practice/art can relate to play or not

Thorndike: Solomon and the Ars Notoria

Roger Bacon in Lynn Thorndike, History of Magic and Experimental Science

Full Text of Roger Bacon (1953)

From Magic To Chemistry And Physics.

Roger Bacon #Medieval #Alchemy + #Magic

art and magic quotes nice one by Tom Robbins

"I see painting as an evocative magic, +there must always be a random factor in magic, one which must be constantly changed and renewed."WSB

"Many secrets of art and nature are thought by the unlearned to be magical." -Roger Bacon (anticipating Arthur C. Clarke by ~800 years)

"This is not a normal world." -Batman

@ @louddetective I was a big Douglas Adams fan as a kid, really appreciated TFTFB showing me how to do systems for weird physics/drinking etc.

fake WSB criticism below generatev with

"the characteristic theme of the works of Burroughs is not narrative, as semioticist subdeconstructive theory suggests, but postnarrative. "

ST.Aug.+Hermes--English translation+Latin original #Paracelsus on Imagination, #Magic and #Alchemy

Crowley: "The average man cannot believe that an artist may be as serious + highminded an observer of life as the professed man of science."

Witchcraft: A Very Short Introduction review

geometric and musical analysis of Enochian letters

more John #Dee #007 #debunking

Things Done Wisely by a Wise Enchanter: Negotiating the Power of Words in the Thirteenth Century

Were the Bard’s Occult Themes Directed from Behind the Scenes?

Did Edward Kelley write an alchemical poem to Shakespeare?

@toastbeard Shakespeare+magic(not Sonnets specifically but lots of historical context and references)

tons of John Dee commentary

John Dee and Edward Kelley’s Great Table (or, What’s This Grid For, Anyway?)

I love it when the bit I like fits perfectly into a tweet with authorname+quote marks intact.

Teresa Burns: "Who came up with this? We don't know. What is the logic? That's a good question for any practitioner who uses it to answer."

BC p.151 to find the statues of the Asclepius in Plotinus was important for Ficino, who was always looking for harmonies among the ancients.

Augustine on Hermes Trismegistus

Copenhaver: "In the City of God Saint Augustine himself had condemned Hermes for using sinful demonic magic."

Copenhaver:De Vita mentions Hermes seldom+treats him ambiguously... leaves reader puzzled about moral status of theurgy

p. 531 Ficino noted that Albertus Magnus approved talismans carved w/figures+letters if they attracted celestial rather than demonic powers.

Copenhaver:When Ficino attempts to save the phenomena by setting them in context of theory...he deserves our attention.

Copenhaver: In his Apology Ficino says that De Vita grew out of his commentary on the Enneads Plotinus Schol.phil+magic

"These stories,histories+pseudo-histories go beyond legitimizing strategies.As a kind of myth making they are,in fact,beyond any individual"

Myth, History and Mytho-History: An Essayby J. S. Kupperman

@ @Demon_Writer Yeah I think all that extra clicking to convert would be a waste of your talents. I don't have any need or preference for PDF.

Kelley's end (John Dee's alchemist skrying partner)

@ @Demon_Writer Thanks for the link. I liked the article on the Heiroglyphic Monad, been meaning to print out the whole JWMT archive...

Bad History! Western #Esotericism John #Dee #Angel #Magic #Myth

@ @Demon_Writer ah right on. I'm always happy to hear corrections and input like this. I'm interested in "Dee 007" as a rhetorical strategy.

Giania Georgene @ @t3dy that's one of the prettiest, least dorky esoterically themed websites I've seen in a while

@ @Demon_Writer the book to read on Dee's science is still Clulee. I post these silly web articles b/c I study them, not as valuable sources!

@ @Demon_Writer I like this guy's approach

@ @Demon_Writer Yeah I've never seen anything persuasive; better to look at the real work he did rather than speculate about secret activities

The First Science - popular science history book on Roger Bacon

another one on the ethics of killing Bin Laden

A Bond for All the Ages : Sir Francis Bacon and John Dee : the Original 007

I have always understood the Beastie Boys "Brass Monkey" song as a coded allegory about Hermetic statue animation or homonculus/golem-craft.

Roger Bacon, An Appreciation

Roger Bacon

Friar Bacon His Discovery of the Miracles of Art, Nature, And Magick.

@ @Giania I've made a couple of those RT "Where's the goddamn animated gifs?!"

"You can hit a golf ball farther with a howitzer on the Moon." -Jubelum Jaynes, KSC

@ @Giania heh heh yeah I've seen way too many of that other kind, I like that this one is so detailed in expositing+illustrating the method

What is a sigil and what is a sigilhouse? A personal perspective.

impressive sigils

"Advertising Arts Magic"

How to Create the Sigil for Practical Alchemy

@ @louddetective @catvincent what no Tales from the Floating Vagabond?

brainpicker Maria Popova The Ancient Book of Myth and War – Pixar animators explore the mythology of heroics

thinkgeek thinkgeek A D&D comedy about an out-of-control DM? Yep, we'd pay to see that. "Zero Charisma" teaser looks good:

clerestories Sienna Latham Great post from @TheAVClub on how the energy we devote to seeking out new music wanes with age :

Walter Pagel--Jung’s Views on Alchemy. Isis, May 1948,44-48 Pagel Jung on Alchemy.htm

Reverse Transmutations:De Verville's Parody of Paracelsus in le Moyen De Parvenir An Alchemical Language of Skepticism in the French Baroque

Mysticism at the Dawn of the Modern Age -- Agrippa of Nettesheim and Theophrastus Paracelsus

The Book of the Revelations of Hermes - Concerning the Supreme Secret of the World, Theophrastus Paracelsus

The Alchemical Allure of Herbology:Transformation and the Copper Still

The Hermetic + Alchemical Writings of Paracelsus

Robert Browning's "Paracelsus"

Epilepsy--Modern Insights from Paracelsian Medicine Bertram von Zabern, MD

Paracelsus By Harry A. Curtis, Eta Reprinted from The Hexagon, November 1939, Vol. 30, No. 2

Paracelsus: Adam was the first inventor of arts, b/c he had knowledge of all things as well after the Fall as before.

Waite on Michael Maier, Rosicrucian Apologist, his Atalanta Fugiens #Alchemy

new journal

@ @Demon_Writer which Zambelli you reading? I'm working on a review of White+Black Magic in the European Renaissance.

Charles Webster. From Paracelsus to Newton: Magic and the Making of Modern Science

Paul Weiss vs. Peter Singer on Scarry

For the record, I've not yet seen Thor. Rather, I've actually read the Eddas.

Famous Alchemists Zosimos Geber Magnus Paracelsus Newton

Is power evil? Thoughts on the ethics of power.

TheMoralMindfield St. Thomas Aquinas music video. Every philosopher should have one!

TheMoralMindfield Bin Laden is dead, but is it good? now what?

blogging William S. #Burroughs anybody know some more good WSB blog links?

@ @Giania yeah nova trilogy is quite difficult, but some of my favorite stuff. "who monopolized cosmic consciousness?"

SuitePhilosophy Thais C. Mozart – Alchemical Symbols in Mozart's Magic Flute #music #masonry #freemasonry #alchemy #suite101 #occult

had a yellowjacket stuck in my hair for a couple minutes without noticing. by some undeserved grace I didn't get stung, but boy did I freak!

#FF @moralmindfield ethics, science and religion

Paracelsus' theory of mental illness

Paracelsus on Alchemy as a Pillar of Medicine

@ @Giania Junky is interesting because it's such straight prose, but still brilliant. He could have written great mainstream novels.

Paracelsus quotes - medical alchemy, God's help

@ @FNORDLORD "if you don't see the timewave it can't immanentize you."

can't sleep?

Paracelsus and the Light of Nature

review of Mathers' last secret

@ @Giania I started that recently, in fact I was talking about it the other day (my friend asked when an honest pirate movie will be made)


@ @Giania it's an excremeditation. all great sentences are. (the WSB quote is from Junky)

"What makes Seals special is that we can be thoughtful, disciplined and proportional in our use of force.”

@ @Giania "People who talk about their bowel movements are as inexorable as the motions they describe" -William S. Burroughs (paraphrased)

philo_quotes Philosophers quotes Wisdom is learning what to overlook. ~ William James

@ @Giania sounds like a worthy experiment for that website that will print and sell your t-shirt design

DavidHolzmer David Holzmer The “Twitterbrain” Is Just Like The Human Brain… And Retweets Are Synapses? - AllTwitter

Music for Silenced Voices: Shostakovitch and his Quartets review

erik_davis Erik Davis "equating angels with transistors." RT @RichardMetzger: Microworld: William Shatner on microprocessors (1976)

erik_davis Erik Davis Death is an event horizon: Me talking to Terence McKenna:

@ @erik_davis I really liked Duclow's work on Cusa.

erik_davis Erik Davis @ @mpesce A philosophical question: how do you know when you have been studying too much philosophy?

Erik Davis @ @al_robertson Cyclonopedia is an amazing work: the ultimate myth of today: Oil is an evil ancient djinn who wants to desertify the earth.

erik_davis Erik Davis Why can't I get enough of this kinda thing? RT @waldemaringdahl: The Hergé/Lovecraft connection

The Ideas of Terence and Dennis McKenna

sigil to build up nervous circuits vs.delay discounting OZARGNARGLARGARZ__++_+++__+++_+___+++++_+

@SuitePhilosophy Dan Merkur's work has been a big influence on my theoretical thinking+cleared up lots of questions about spiritual alchemy.

Edison: "We are already on the verge of discovering the secret of transmuting metals, which are all substantially the same in matter, ...1/2

...though combined in different proportions." 2/2

Thegreatone35 Derrick Hudson "The future is already here - it's just not very evenly distributed." Author: William Gibson.

@ @EPButler or "not yet put into play" vs. "unplayable?"

@ @SuitePhilosophy thanks for letting me know, I'm always happy to help. Check out the links on my alchemy blog for more:

Happy birthday Plato! (according to somebody on the Neoplatonism list)

Response to “Methodology + the Study of Western Spiritual Alchemy”

The Tabula Smaragdina Revisited Karen-Claire Voss

The Angelic Stone in English Alchemy

Western Esotericism and the Science of Religion. reviewed by Fanger

@ @LalySky at least the top guy always does. RT "He won't let go of his divinity."

is bitly an adverb?

Podcast--Alchemy and Manna: interview with Dan Merkur

Stages of Ascension in Hermetic Rebirth

Met a Discordian who was convinced that Cpt. Mal from Firefly is named after the Malkavian clan from V:TM. Looking forward to the manifesto!

Akermann responds to Merkur in a thread

discussion of alchemy and gnosis problems (lots of references)

Veg-Stone: Elizabethan Psychoactive Alchemical Substance?

@ @kimcascone Synchronicity is an altered state, ain't it? I'd be interested to read more: so much to be learned about music producing ASC's.

@ @Bebejax A bit. Great story that. I'm a big fan of Michael Drout who lectures on those two very well for Teaching Company...

@ @tonhoberlinense Proclus will put one to sleep.

tonhoberlinense Antonio Vargas "I read Proclus for my opium" RT @t3dy Proclus and Emerson

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