Thursday, December 23, 2010

John Dee

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  1. Its a bit more than just Sun /Moon/Elements .

    It contain the most important symbols that represent the 'Universal' or everything . Both with the Cross (xy) and the point within the circle .

    Apart from that establishing it as a universal symbol .;
    The point within the circle is where the initiate symbolically claims to seek truth .
    The whole glyph also represents the Christian and Pre-christian temple where life is conceived at the altar (the point) where male and female meet ;;;The cross (male) and the chalice /Venus/Moon (female).

    Which is just one aspect of the most important thing in Hermeticism and most religious philosophies ; IE ; The Union of Opposites

    If you check the plans of Christian Churches and also the plans of Pagan fertility graves , they are identical ....complete with male principle (or phallus) that terminates at a circular "Womb" or baptistry .....Where in Christianity the "Rebirth" of Jesus occurs into "flesh and blood" (ie Born) .....and exact same in Celtic passage graves where mound represent the Womb of the Earth and by which the cycle of birth and death continue (as one phenomena , rather than two opposing ones )