Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Rosicrucians


  1. all these heiroglyphs or symbolic imagery and diagrams and supposed cosmological representations and representative structures... seem to me to be one of myriad failed and aborted experiments in trying to structure and understand our experience according to some synthetic and symbolic paradigm that doesn't really help us besides activating emotions and ideas and representing metaphysical concepts and themes proper. One gets exhausted by the stupendous profusion of images and their lack of exegesis and similarity of symbolism.... All that these images are doing is representing certain spiritual concepts 1) the divine 2) angels 3) the possibility of spiritual perfect 4)(enlightened beings 5) some idealist cosmology or something.

    They move us and excite all sorts of emotions and meanings in us.... but they don't prove anything or illuminate our whole being.... people talk about the science of spirituality and absolute being.... but who have we ever came across that actually embodied some kind of spiritual perfection and truly illuminated us into some magnificent and greater understanding and power?

  2. Interesting comment, thanks. I can sympathize with the kind of critique you're spitting here, and I recognize that it can be disappointing to feel as let down by the culture as you have felt, but consider the possibility that you have taken an unnecessarily reductive approach and that these illustrations can have the kind of value you seek. Could be that you just haven't cracked the code. I don't disagree that many of the people who spin talk of spirituality don't actually represent the kind of "higher being" that you feel a lack of. But my approach to alchemical symbolism is much different and I'm not really interested in any of the things that you list. I would recommend taking a second look at this stuff with your real interests in mind if you're sick of spiritualist BS.

  3. I sympathize with the alchemists and find them fascinating.... but I guess it can become a little redundant... especially if you consume to many all at once like I did when I wrote that e-mail.... I was trying to consume your page whole. No, its cool... I wonder about it. good collection, take care.